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Canned Foods full of Bisphenol A


CansAs many of my readers know, I have blogged quite often on the dangers of plastic bottles. I have listed out the types of plastics that have been deemed safe and the ones that aren't (due to having a high-level of Bisphenol A).

However, a new study out this week has revealed something very disturbing -and that is - that canned foods have been found to be even more dangerous...

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Plastic Bottles are Dangerous


baby bottlesLast week, an article was released about baby bottles again. This time, it was on the latest study that showed three of the most popular brands of baby bottles (plastic) were found to have bisphenol A. And no, I didn't know what it was until I did some more research on it. I discovered it's controversial because it mimics estrogen- thus could induce strange hormonal responses - ie. infertility, breast cancer, and obesity.

I've posted the article in its entirety for any concerned moms on this topic. What's the answer? - I think it has become clear - to be safe, get rid of ALL your plastic bottles, and replace them with Glass, or Stainless Steel bottles. They may be more expensive - but worth EVERY penny.

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