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Happy Valentine's Day!


Valentine's DaySo today is the day for all the lovers out there (both single AND married) to show how much they care.

How did you fare today?  Did you get flowers or chocolates or........? 

If you didn't - I don't think that you should stress too much over it. 

Yes, it would be nice, yes it would be thoughtful - but really, truly at the end of the day...does it determine how you measure your relationship?....

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Unconditional Love


BabyAs parents we must provide unconditional love. The type of love that has no expectations, no conditions and no ending – it does not “come and go”- it just is. We just give it, because we have it in us to give.

We need to let go of expectations or preconceived notions about our children and learn to separate them from their behaviour. After all, providing a child with unconditional love is the corner stone of their self-esteem...

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Valentine's Day has arrived!


HeartsWell, the day of love has finally arrived! Are you feeling the romance in the air? Did your husband or significant other remember to give you something nice? Or perhaps there was an extra kiss or lingering hug as they walked out the door?

Yesterday I visited the Mall to pick up my children some heart-shaped boxes of chocolates from Purdy's. And the lineup was unreal. To get a box wrapped would be a wait of half an hour, and when I was at the till and asked for a small Valentine's card to slip ontop, I was advised they were all sold out...Valentine's madness had already begun....

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