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Join Jamie McDonald this Friday for a Pint!


We have organized an evening for Jamie McDonald, who is from the UK, and ran across Canada raising money for the Children's Hospitals in each province.

He finished his run in Vancouver this week.

Please join Jamie on Friday, February 7th at the TC Lions Head Pub in Vancouver, located on 888 West Cordova Street from 5pm onwards for a few celebratory drinks. :)

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Jamie MacDonald's Heroic journey across Canada



If you have not had the pleasure of learning about Jamie MacDonald's story, please let me introduce you to this inspiring, brave and dedicated young man.

I learned about him a few months ago, as he was in the middle of his Canadian trek across Canada.  He was running, unassisted, to raise money for Children's hospitals in each province he ran across.

So where did he come from and why is he doing it? His story is quite amazing...

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4 Angels Beauty Care welcomes you with open arms


4 Angels

When I first entered 4 Angels Beauty Care located on 1342 Burrard Street in Vancouver, I was immediately taken back by the sheer beauty of the salon. It felt like I'd walked in to a small piece of heaven, enveloped in azure blue.

4 AngelsWhat's more, is that the owners Navkiran "Kiran" Sokhi and Kulwinder Malhi, greet all their clients with a hug. And with the day I was having, it was perfect timing! ;)

As best friends, both Kiran and Kulwinder have 35 years combined experience in the beauty industry.  Kiran is a Master Brow Specialist who trained many of the city's brow sculptors over the last three years..

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"RACE" - An Explosive Play Not To Be Missed


Photo credit Shimon KarmelRACE

I feel myself squirm in my seat, as Charles Strickland is bombarded with an uncomfortable line of questioning by two lawyers he has asked to represent him.

Charles, who is played by Craig Erickson, is an affluent white man in his 40s, who appears uneasy in the opening scene of RACE; the David Mamet play that is both enthralling and disturbing. 

Mitch and Murray Productions, in association with Rooted Theatre Productions and brilliantly directed by David Mackay, depicts the story of two lawyers (one Caucasian, one African-American) who find themselves defending a wealthy, white executive charged with raping a black woman.....

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Olympic Spirit


OlympicsThe past two weeks have been absolutely amazing. I'm not sure if I can really put in to words how incredible it has been to have our city host the Winter Olympics.

It's been an incredible journey these past seven years, while we waited for this to descend on our city - and to be honest, I had no idea what to expect, and neither did many Vancouverites.

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Too Much Fun in the Sun?


sunbathingSo yesterday we had an absolutely gorgeous day in the Lower Mainland - hitting almost 30 degrees out in White Rock where we live. It was a day that many Vancouverites have been waiting for, for quite some time.

Because of the exceptional weather, we spent the morning at the beach in White Rock for breakfast with the kids - giving them time to bask in the sun, run in the surf and get absolutely soaked - and get sand in every place imaginable!

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