When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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First, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Tomorrow is our actual day of celebration in Canada, but I felt compelled to put my wishes out there to everyone today - in hopes that it will inspire you to "take stock" of all the things to be thankful for in your life.

This week, my company experienced a set back, one of quite monumental proportions. Our event with Suze Orman had to be cancelled, after six months of hard work...

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Suze Orman


Suze Orman So I am really excited about sharing this with my readers. As many moms know, I have a company that helps moms with their businesses - it is called Enterprising Moms Network Inc.www.enterprisingmomsnetwork.com

And on October 21st, my company is producing an event featuring Suze Orman at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver to talk about women and money.....and in doing so, empowering women to take charge of their financial future (and their family's)...

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