When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is


BC Children's Hospital


handSo the saga continues in our household as the flu didn't truly leave - but rather clung on, and reappeared just when I thought it was safe to leave the house to take on the world again.

My daughter started vomitting on Friday night again, and became noticably dispondent. She originally had the flu on Tuesday night, and it had all but disappeared by Wednesday night (except for the diarrhea). However, she quickly became dehydrated, despite being plied with pedialytes. And as she grew more lethargic by the minute - we took her to the BC Children's Hospital for observation. And much to our dismay, were told to "hunker down" as we wouldn't be leaving any time soon.....

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Flu, flu - I hate you!


FluSo now that my son is on the mend from the flu he had last Saturday night, I managed to catch it on Sunday night. And my daughter caught it on Tuesday night.

Any lingering hope of not spreading this flu through my household are gone.

I am now weak, sleep deprived and trying to be a caregiver to the best of my ability to my children who are still on the mend. I curse the Lysol and Mr.Clean for not doing their job (no longer do I call them my friends). Instead - caffeine has become my new best friend....


The Attack of the Flu Bug


BugThis weekend, I had plans to throw a little "Super Bowl" party for my family. It really wasn't going to be a BIG party, but rather just making it fun for my children with snacks and watching a little of the game (my son is a big football fan).

However, this weekend, was not to be - as my son was stricken with a terrible flu, throwing up a whopping 37 times. Who knew that was even possible?.....

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A Battle Lost


SickLast week my son came down with a terrible cold/flu. Five days ago my mom came down with it, then my daughter, then my husband and now - yes, you guessed it - I have it.

The worst part is, I have been desperately trying to work through it - fight it. I kept working, I kept all my appointments with various things throughout the week - I never rested, protected myself and now I am stuck with laryngitis, a high fever and a terrible chest cold - now what happens?....

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