When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

bc children's hospital

Jamie MacDonald's Heroic journey across Canada



If you have not had the pleasure of learning about Jamie MacDonald's story, please let me introduce you to this inspiring, brave and dedicated young man.

I learned about him a few months ago, as he was in the middle of his Canadian trek across Canada.  He was running, unassisted, to raise money for Children's hospitals in each province he ran across.

So where did he come from and why is he doing it? His story is quite amazing...

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BC Children's Hospital


handSo the saga continues in our household as the flu didn't truly leave - but rather clung on, and reappeared just when I thought it was safe to leave the house to take on the world again.

My daughter started vomitting on Friday night again, and became noticably dispondent. She originally had the flu on Tuesday night, and it had all but disappeared by Wednesday night (except for the diarrhea). However, she quickly became dehydrated, despite being plied with pedialytes. And as she grew more lethargic by the minute - we took her to the BC Children's Hospital for observation. And much to our dismay, were told to "hunker down" as we wouldn't be leaving any time soon.....

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