When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

spring break

Vancouver Aquarium


aquariumYesterday I took the children to the Vancouver Aquarium in the morning. We have a family membership, and usually go about once per month on average.

Although it was terribly busy by 10am (they open at 9:30), there were lots of fun things planned for the children due to spring break.

Both of my children could hardly wait to see what fun activities were planned by staff at the aquarium...

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Spring Break


SeabusAlthough I am staying locally this spring break with my children - I have figured out different things to do with them each day to make it seem as if they were on vacation.

I did arrange for different art projects to do at home, but I also added in things to do that would only be done if we were tourists. ie - A trip to Lonsdale Quay Market on the Northshore. The plan was to take the skytrain and seabus in.

We actually went yesterday to kick it all off and it wasn't as great as I had hoped......

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