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Summer Social


summer socialEach year, my company (Enterprising Moms) holds a "Summer Social" hosted by the White Rock chapter. 

This year, we are having it at the U-Lounge on August 26th from 7 - 10pm.

It is free to attend for both members and guests and is a great opportunity to meet other mom entrepreneurs in the community.

There will be tons of door prizes and attendees receive 25% off food and wine. 

If you have been enjoying your time home over the summer with your kids and trying to also run your business - YOU DESERVE A BREAK! :)

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History Repeating


swingA few weeks ago we purchased a tree house/swing set for the children. It is great. However, with the new playset comes a few rules. No climbing on the outside of the treehouse and no swinging on their belly.

Why no swinging on their belly? Well - when I was four years old, I too, had a new swing set that I loved to play on and enjoy. However, one fateful day made the swing set not so much fun anymore....

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Summer Crowds


acquariumI can't believe that August is already here! July seems to have just flown by!

I think I'm over the worst of whatever ailment I had with my throat and flu, so very happy that the long weekend is almost upon us and can really enjoy it with the family.

Today, we headed in to Vancouver to see the Acquarium (we have a family membership) as the children absolutely love to see the fish and its a bit of a routine breaker, however I wasn't prepared for what lie ahead....

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The Summer Dilemma


Summer MomWith summer officially here, I am amazed at how many parents have found themselves completely unprepared for it.

You know, I "get it" how inconvenient it is for parents who work full-time to find child-care for their child(ren), but why are there headline stories in major papers across Canada, that read "What are Parents going to do with their children over summer?"

Shouldn't the headlines read "The problem with our society today when having our children at-home is a problem?".....

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Planning a Family Vacation?


Child on VacationThis Thursday, I will be appearing on Breakfast Television to discuss some tips for vacationing with young children.

With school almost over and many families taking vacation (including my own) I thought this segment would be timely.

There are things that I have learned as a mother through my own personal experiences, and things that I have picked up along the way from other moms too...

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May is finally here!


weight lossI am so excited that it is now May. Spring can really be felt - the weather is getting better - robins are everywhere in our backyard- and less people are in black these days. Finally women everywhere are heading for their colourful outfits that have been hidden away in the back of their closets.

Ahhh yes - summer is almost here and I can hardly wait for it - although after trying on the clothes that have been tucked away in my own closet - I made a very disturbing find - it would appear that I have developed some "winter weight" that I was not prepared for...

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The last of Summer


Back to schoolWe spent the entire morning today down at Crescent Beach and the weather was absolutely perfect. We splashed in the water, ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and salty, ketchup drenched french fries from the local fish and chips stand.

And as we were headed home, tired but happy from all the sun, with sand in our hair and our sandals - I knew that this would be one of the last few days we had left before summer ends and school begins. And a drastic change in routine for my son, whose ice cream eating days are now numbered....

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