When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is





So yesterday, in the late afternoon, we took the children to the PNE. It was my two year old daughter's first time at the Fair, and I was anxious to see how she would like it.

Needless to say, as soon as we go there, she was instantly whisked away by her five year old brother to go on the car ride, the boat ride, the slides, the fun house, the helicopter ride and many, many others....and she loved every minute of it...

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PNEWe took my son to the PNE this past week. It was so much fun, not only for my son - but for me as well. The sights, the sounds and yes, even the smells, took me back to a time in my childhood that was about pure, simple fun.

We took in the Super Dogs show, saw a parade and chatted with the barn animals...

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