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The weight of summer


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So the inevitable happened to me a couple of months ago. I weighed myself on my scale and discovered to my horror that I had gained 20 pounds.

How did THAT happen?

For the past two years, I was at my thinnest. I was also in the best shape of my life. I was in better shape than when I was at 18 years old (and I'm 41 now). 

Buf if I was really truthful with myself (and I mean REALLY truthful), I could see how the 20 pounds were gained........

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Being Fat and Pregnant goes hand in hand


Jessica SimpsonOk - let's lay off the fat jokes with Jessica Simpson. 

Yes, she got big, and yes, she probably indulged in all the amazing food that women tend to restrict themselves from doing every day - but here's the thing......she was PREGNANT!

Since news hit that she had her baby yesterday - Twitter has been, well, all-a-twitter about how fat she got - and how big the baby weighed.

The fact is, as a former pregnant woman, it is tough enough to have to go through nine-months of enduring kicks, heart burn, sleepless nights and constant discomfort - for goodness sakes, let's at least indulge in some comfort food!

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