When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is


Upcoming Events


MomsI can't believe we are in to the middle of September already! Time is just flying by and I'm playing "catch up" right now.

I thought I would share in this blog some of the upcoming classes and events here in Vancouver, British Columbia that are noteworthy for moms who have a home-based business or simply want to connect with other moms in their area.....

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Enterprising Moms Network Inc.


EMNIf you are already a SAHM subscriber to the monthly newsletter - then you already know about the announcement of my new company, Enterprising Moms Network Inc. last week.

If not, then let me be the first to share the good news with you about a networking group that is strictly for mom entrepreneurs - the website is www.enterprisingmomsnetwork.com - and it's going to be big.....

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