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messy deskIn order to start this week off right I decided to clean my home-office. And by clean - I mean get rid of the clutter.

You see - I am a paper hog. I will keep every scrap of paper whether it has a phone number, a message or is actually really important.

It is all sitting in a paper pile waiting for me to separate the important papers from the other trivial ones.

So this weekend I decided enough was enough - and with recycling box in hand I went to work.

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Enterprising Moms Network Inc.


EMNIf you are already a SAHM subscriber to the monthly newsletter - then you already know about the announcement of my new company, Enterprising Moms Network Inc. last week.

If not, then let me be the first to share the good news with you about a networking group that is strictly for mom entrepreneurs - the website is www.enterprisingmomsnetwork.com - and it's going to be big.....

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