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The Entrepreneurial Mom


Small Business BCIn November I will be teaching a course through Small Business BC. The course is called "The Entrepreneurial Mom - Running a Small Business". It is going to be taught at Small Business BC's Vancouver location and broadcast across the Province, by video conferencing.

I am very excited to be doing this as I have been such a strong supporter of Small Business BC, and all the resouces and classes they have available for entrepreneurs who are just getting started or are growing their business...

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Video Blog


YoutubeI have added a new feature to my website this month for Stay at Home Moms. And that is - I am now doing a weekly video blog on YouTube for moms who are looking to be closer to home.

I am inviting moms who have questions about being a stay at home mom, having a home-based business, or discovering some options that are out there - to send them in to me via email at info@thestayathomemother.com and I will answer them on a weekly basis....

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2008 Action Plan


So it's a new year with unlimited possibilities. The sky is the limit - including becoming a stay at home mom. I have been a successful stay at home mom for the last three years and it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself - and for my children.

I have found a way that allows me to be at home with my children and focus on them each day. I wake up with them, spend each day with them - watching them develop and grow in to amazing little people. So how did I do it?...

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You Should Know...


There are some great opportunities under the "Opportunities" tab this month. There is an Event company that is offering part time work for moms interested in occasional work and some others that either offer part time or home based opportunities.

And if you already have a business, or a business idea then you definately need to check out Enterprising Moms Network, the social networking group that helps moms build their business.

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Speaking From the Heart


heartI wanted to let everyone know that my two-day speaking engagement at the Victoria Baby Fair is now online and can be viewed under the "Media" tab. One is on becoming a stay at home mom, and one is on how to start a home-based business.

Each one is close to half an hour, so there's lots of information packed in to each one for interested moms...

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Fall is in the Air


fall treeThe other day I was in Vancouver with my children to take my daughter to a doctor's appointment. As we were coming out of the office, I saw a woman walk by with a beautiful, long coat and leather boots. And as I looked down at my own t-shirt, capri pants and flip-flops, I realized that summer was truly over and I needed to come to terms with the changing seasons.

I guess I was hoping that the summer weather (that we never truly got) was going to be arriving late in September - but alas - the crispness in the air can truly be felt. It's time to haul the fall attire out of the garage and say goodbye to the summer that never was....

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