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Too Much Candy


CandyI thought I would share with readers exactly how much candy our household now has since Halloween is over. This picture represents one of three bowls we have in our home. That's right THREE bowls of this size brimming with candy!

We had to put it all on top of the fridge - as our children kept trying to "help themselves" to the stash throughout the day (and night). I am pretty sure I have gained a couple of pounds since the bowls have been in the house. Because although the children can no longer reach the candy - I still can........

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halloweenYou know, I have to admit, Halloween is one of my most favourite days of the year. I am like a little kid all over again when we pick out our costumes. We have many, many decorations inside and outside of our home. We are the "fun" house to go to with the driveway lined with skeleton heads, tombstones, and a six foot Frankenstein that sings and dances.

We don't scare at our house, but make it fun for all the trick or treaters. It's taken my husband some time to adjust to my love for the day - but now with both the children full of excitement about it's arrival - he has definately warmed up to it.

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