When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

hit and run

Help the Tumanda Family this Holiday Season


Leonida TumandaLeonida Tumanda was struck and killed at East 43rd Avenue and Prince Edward Street in Vancouver this past Sunday night by a hit and run driver.

As a mother with two young children, my heart went out to Mr. Tumanda who is now faced with raising his two girls alone and the devastation that the family is facing right now.


With the permission of Mr. Tumanda, we’ve set up a donation account for his family...

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Good News to Share!


Good newsIf you recall, seven months ago, a little boy named Jason Knee was struck down in a cross walk by a hit and run driver in Port Coquitlam - and never came forward to take responsibility. I have been following his condition and posting it under my April 11th blog entry, up until May, but have not been able to locate any more updates since then.

The good news is that his Uncle Derrick, found this website and was able to provide an update on his condition and recovery since this terrible accident. I am attaching his comments that he posted this past week in my April blog - so readers can share in the update...

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