When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is


Home Fragrance Products


Did you know that those air-fresheners you have been using for your home to sweeten unpleasant orders and leave your home smelling fresh - could be dangerous to your family's health?

I don't personally use them, as that was always my biggest fear - but studies now substantiate what has bothered me about them, and that is, that those chemicals in the spray are just plain bad for you....

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Enterprising Moms Business Summit



Well - if you haven't heard yet - the big news that we announced a week and a half ago is that our annual Event for moms in business is taking place again this year on June 8, 2008 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver! The Enterprising Moms Business Summit will provide inspirational speakers, showcase mom-run businesses and will be an excellent opportunity to network.

This year's thems is "Pursue Your Passion"....

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Back in the swing of things


RoutineWell - we are finally getting everyone back in to routine. My son went back to Preschool yesterday, my daughter is going to bed earlier - and I have returned to Survivor Bootcamp.

It feels good to be back to some seblance of normalcy for the family. With all the free time that we have had over the holidays and all the food that we have consumed (I put my seven pounds back on) - its a relief to have a schedule again - and my son feels the same way...

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One of those Days


calendarEver have one of those "challenging" days when your health, your children and all the tiny details of your life, seem to have all piled together to make your life a little bit more difficult?

I'm feeling a bit low today, as I have laryngitis with an extremely sore throught and a terrible cold. And of course, I don't have a lot of energy - so the children some how have sensed this, and have decided to take full advantage....

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Snowy Days


mittensThis weekend, the Lower Mainland was hit by a rather large snow fall. Yesterday, we stuck close to home and the kids just played in the snow in our backyard. And of course, we hung up our Christmas decorations in the evening.

Today, we ventured out a few blocks in our car to the local Mall to pick up some essentials. We also had a snow ball fight in the backyard and nestled in close to our fire place afterwards. Days like this make me think about life on the Prairies as a child and how snow was so common place (as it lasted for almost six months of the year) and how by tomorrow all of this snow here in White Rock, will be mostly melted away....

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