When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

Boxing Day

Time to Relax


To do listWith Christmas over and done with for another year - I feel the desperate need to relax a bit before the onslaught of a new year and all the new goals and responsibilities that go along with it.

Sometimes it is good to just take some time to relax, clear the schedule, and just appreciate having no where to be, nothing to do and to just simply "be".

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Christmas is Over!


Boxing DayPhew! Christmas is officially over. There's so much excitement and pressure put on Christmas from mid November - onwards. And now that it is over - I am feeling much relief.

The children loved their gifts from all the relatives and friends and Santa was very good to them this year (Santa seems to over do it every Christmas -even though he promises not to give too many toys) this year wasn't any different....

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