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New Year

Making it Count


So this year I decided to start the New Year off right with a dip in the ocean on New Year's Day (aka "The Polar Bear" swim) in White Rock with my children.

Yes, it was cold and yes, it was a terribley windy and stormy day, but it felt amazing.

Why? Because it was a great way to start off the new year - by simply doing it, instead of talking about it..........

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Happy New Year!


New YearsAs we are about to enter 2009 - and say good bye to 2008, I thought it would be good to reflect on all the "firsts" my children have experienced this past year.

I wrote about it in this week's column and it can be found under the "Archives" tab.

For me personally, 2008 had some amazing "highs" and some incredible "lows" but isn't that what life is about?.....

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Happy 2008!


glassesWow - I can't believe its a new year already! Since Christmas, I have spent the days just relaxing and spending time with the family. We really didn't plan anything for New Year's Eve, other than just having some appies and drinks and having some fun with the children.

My son went to bed around 10:00 - he wasn't really interested in staying up until midnight to bang on the pots and pans...but my daughter was....she must have sensed something big was going to happen as she would not go down to bed...so after the strike of midnight, she helped us open the front door to welcome the New Year in and bang on the pots and pans...and then open the back door to let the old Year out...and I have to say...2007 was a good one...

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