When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is


Toys - can we trust them?


Easy BakeI recently wrote an article on the quality of toys that are out there right now in the market place. To be honest, with all the recalls that are going on, it makes you wonder how safe you children really are.

The Thomas the Train recall was the most significant in our household, as we owned five of the recalled items. All contained lead paint, which is considered to be highly toxic if ingested by a child. And guess what? When I mailed it back to them - I noticed a lot of the paint had already worn off...unbelievable.




BarbieThere is a new website that has been created by Mattel to spark the debate on what it takes to raise a girl today and how we can support today's girls as they move from children in to young adults.

The website is www.webelieveingirls.com. Of course - Mattel owns Barbie, who has been a role model for girls for the past 48 years and the question begs to be asked - how much as Barbie influenced the way girls see themselves?

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