When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is


My Birthday


Kids and MeToday is my 42nd birthday. And I'm quite happy about it.

Now I know not a lot of people are happy about getting older, but I happen to wear my age as a badge of honour.

I've accomplished a great deal in my life, thus far. And I'm pretty proud of that. I'm also proud to be a mom, who is exceptionally proud of her kids - and who they are becoming through each passing year.

I really think that birthdays are a time to reflect, a time to look back at what you have accomplished - and a time to look forward on what you have yet to do.

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Birthday Wishes


Birthday BoyToday is my husband's birthday. And like most birthdays, I know he will try to shrug it off, like it doesn't matter and not make a big deal over it at all.

I've known my husband for more than eighteen years, and in that time, have come to realize that birthdays to him, are simply just another day.

But I beg to differ......


Before I Turn 40


39As of my 39th birthday on June 11, 2011, I will begin my mission to accomplish the pinnacle of life’s goals for myself before I turn 40 on June 11, 2012.

Why 40?

The first part of my life has been about finding out who I am and discovering my passion.  Now that I have found these things, the next phase of my life should be about fulfilling what I know will bring me joy in my life..........

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Another Year Older


girlAnother year has gone by in my life and I have to say - its been quite a year. 

There's been some curve balls that have been thrown at me, that made me reassess everything in my life.

Sometimes life doesn't always hand us exactly what we expect, and while we struggle to figure out why at the time- fate has planned it that way...


Three times a Princess


FairySo yesterday was my daughter's third birthday. I think I am still in shock that she turned three. My only wish for her, was that she would have a great day.

And it was a wonderful day for her - as we had planned each minute of the day out in detail.

In the morning, she was able to pick her breakfast and spend some leisurely time with her brother. In the afternoon, her brother headed off to another birthday party at a local gym to allow for some special alone time for her with mommy and daddy....that's when the real fun began.....

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Sore throatSo I think I am coming down with tonsillitis. I just got over the flu after I returned home from our family vacation last week. Can you imagine having this during summer? Unbelievable. My son had tonsillitis about three weeks ago, and still has a lingering sore throat, but to be honest - I really don't get sick. So getting hit twice in just over a week, is a bit much for me.

And today, was a happy occasion, my younger sister was celebrating her birthday and we had a birthday dinner with the family over at my house. But it really wiped me out....

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wineSo tomorrow is my birthday and it seems that the older I get - the less I want to broadcast my age. However, I always said I NEVER wanted to become one of those women who never said how old she was - so in keeping with that - tomorrow I turn the ripe old age of 36.

I think the biggest problem with turning 36 is that I am no longer in my true mid-thirties. Now, I am infact closer to 40 than ever before, and despite what everyone says about 40 being the "new 30" - it still bothers the heck out of me...

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Tidbits of News


She financialIf you live in the White Rock/Surrey/Langley area, you may be interested in a great info session and evening this week that is about raising awareness about women and cancer.

Penny Deming, President of SHE Financial is hosting the evening. She was inspired to hold the Event after reading an article about a young girl who lost her mother to cancer....

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Birthday Bash


second birthdayIt's my daughter's second birthday today and I can't wait for her to see all the decorations and gifts that have been hidden for the past two weeks in our garage.

The theme of her birthday is "Princess", so everything had to be chosen with a princess on it. Although, to be honest, I think it was more me who chose the theme this year than her....

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